Cohen Commercial Equity  provides Fast Hard Money Loans,  Commercial Lending, Short
Term Mortgages and Private Money Financing on real estate property with competitive
credit rates and easy terms for purchase and refinance. With over 75 years of combined
experience in underwriting, originating and acquiring secured loans, Cohen Commercial
Equity possesses extensive expertise necessary to competently assist you with all your
Commercial and Hard Money Lending needs.
Commercial Loan placement Agency.

Our unique lending program has made Cohen Commercial Equity one of the fastest
growing direct, private lenders in the country.

At Cohen Commercial Equity, we recognize the importance of
speed, and that loans must often be structured around each
client's unique set of financial circumstances.

Our program has been providing lightning-fast service and creative funding solutions
throughout North America since 2003, and internationally since 2006.

Today, Cohen Commercial Equity is actively looking for new funding     
opportunities worldwide!

Because we are not a bank, we take an entrepreneurial business approach to our
financing and underwriting decisions. We are a Private Money Lender which allows us a
great deal of flexibility in offering both traditional and non-traditional financing programs.
Our debt programs make closing the most difficult deals easy. When you're thinking that
equity is the only way to get a project financed – Think Again!

New! HARD MONEY: Rates as low as 9.25% and 4 Points
Super Fast Turn-Around
2 Days for Commitment
As Fast as 5 Days for Closing
Up to 70% Loan-to-Value Ratio
Commercial Property Acquisitions & Refinancing
Development and Construction
Bridge Loans
Bank Workouts Hard Money   Bankruptcies & Foreclosures
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Commercial Loans, Hard Money, Bridge Loans, Mezzanine Debt, Joint Ventures, Land Loans
Redevelopment Loans, Down Payment Assistance, Unsecured Line of Credit
, SBA Loans            


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Commercial Property
Loan Types

Apartment/ Multifamily
Condo Conversion
Gas Station/ C-Store
Golf Course/ Casino Gaming
Health Care/ Senior Housing
Hotel/ Motel/ Resort
Industrial/ Warehouse
Land - Raw/ Improved
Mobile Home Park
Office/ Medical Bldg.
Outlet Shopping Mall
Owner - User Occ. Business
Religious Church/ Temple
Retail Anchored Center
Retail Unanchored Center
Self/ Mini Storage
Single Tenant, Triple "NNN"
Special Purpose/ Mixed-Use

Bridge/ Short Term
Construction/ Development
Mezzanine/ Second T.D.

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Cohen Commercial Equity
Why Go with Cohen
Commercial Equity

Fast Processing Time
L.O.I WITHIN 24 hours
No Commitment Fees
No Application or Up-Front
No Defeasance or Yield
Industry Low Fixed-Rates
Interest Only Payments
Streamlined Loan Process
Non & Limited Recourse
Reduced or No Impounds
Cash Out Refinances
FROM 80%-100% LTV
Seller Concession and
2nds OK
Construction Loans
Qualifying Projects (70-100% financing): acquisitions, start
ups, company expansions, mergers, new cash infusion, partner
buyouts, operating funds, inventions, research and
development (R&D), bailing out companies in trouble, real
estate developments, hotels, resorts, apartment buildings,
office buildings, mining projects, gas, energy, casinos, 5-Star
Mobile Home Parks (more list below)...FICO IS NOT AN ISSUE.
We accept and will consider
ANY PROJECTS, and welcome
  more details
(Due to the lender backing out of their commitments).
Loan Amount from 10 Mil.-300 Million.
Rate: 4.25% to 8.00%. Minimum Equity: 30%. Points:2-4
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We are a national commercial lender.  We offer both stated and full doc
programs.  Loans may be secured with Real Estate, Bank
Guarantee,Standby Letter of Credit, Corporate Guarantee, Stocks.  Our
real estate program sets us apart as it is flexible in lending to properties
considered to be high risk or non-traditional.  
Types of real estate we would use as collateral include:
Apartment, Hotel, Retail, Gas Station, Land, Warehouse
(see below)
Terms and underwriting criteria vary according to details of request but
may include: Call for Details.